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Wheels fasteners

Wheels fasteners

Bolts and nuts for cars and vans wheels fastenings


FARAD produces and sells a wide range of bolts and nuts for cars and vans fastening. These products can be also used both as spare parts, and as fasteners for NOT original wheels with spacers.

Furthermore, FARAD makes articles on demand, according to the hardness and coating film requested by customer.

All FARAD bolts and nuts are produced according to the OEM technology, process and controls (car makers requirements).




FARAD bolts and nuts technical features


FARAD wheels fasteners are produced by cold forging and they are available in class 10.9 (bolts) and 10 class (nuts).


Cold forging


Heat treatement


Thread made after heat treatment on all the bolts, to guarantee the best tightness and safety of wheel's fastening.




White zinc coat realised according to the OEM requirements; black coat resistant to acid wheels cleaner.


All the bolts and nuts are coverd with sealing treatment for a better screwing and unscrewing.



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