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Wheel trims








FARAD is present on the trade from more than 30 years, with the widest range of wheel trims in Europe, establishing our company as one of the trade leaders.

Our products are available in 40 different patterns, from 12 to 17 inches.

Wheel trims are manufactured in Italy according to quality rules ISO 9001, and checked after every passage of production, in order to offer a high quality standard.




Wheel trims are made in Pa66 M20 + PP, a first choice material, by which FARAD can offer a product both resistant to brakes temperature and flexible in the event of a collision.



Double layer of water paint, covered by a shiny metallic layer, which guarantees a brilliant product and a strong adhesion of the painting as well, according to OEM requirements.

Fixing on the rim

wheel trims are fixed by a metallic ring (zinc coated steel with a hardness of 40 HRC); they are checked in order to be suitable to all car wheels, by means of holding tests according to OEM requirements.




FARAD cooperates with many car manufacturers to realize spare wheel trims with materials and painting chosen by the customer itself.



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