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StarLock wheel lock

StarLock wheel lock


This product is recognized by the main car manufacturers and it is approved by the English Thatcham Institute. It is one of the most secure and reliable wheel locks in the world.



STARLOCK technical features


1.  Infinite key combinations. Even if a key is modified, it cannot open other key combination.



2. Strong anti-cut rotating ring which doesn’t allow any tool to unscrew it.


3. It is not possible at all to unscrew the StarLock by means of any tool, thanks to its tight and irregular combination shape.




4. StarLock's head cannot be pierced or cut, because it has been processed by heat treatment.




5. StarLock has a huge tensile strenght, higher than 400Nm. This is due to the head combination's shape and to the unique piece of the body, which distributes the screwing and unscrewing stress to the bolt or the nut as well as it happens to a standard wheel fastener.



6. Thread made after heat treatment for all StarLock bolts, in order to guarantee the best fastening for your vehicle wheels.



7. All the StarLock bolts are checked during the production process by means of the most refined systems, in order to give the customer an endless warranty.