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Product code 1-A1 SB 2CH.SC.NERA
Type Bolt
Thread M12 X 1,25
Covering White zinced
Model Stil bull



This is the first FARAD wheel lock, available for more than 30 years; more than 20,000,000 kits have been sold all over the world, thanks to the best price/quality ratio.


The head combinations of the wheel locks are protected by hexagonal stainless steel caps, which make the wheel lock a bright and attractive addition to the wheel.


The kit includes 4 wheel or nut locks and two STIL-BULL keys.


Stil-Bull strong points


- Infinite combinations

- High-resistant pins for a secure hold

- The key is easily put in and taken out of the lock thanks to its automatic centering system

- The wheel lock key’s hexagon permits also the use of the key given by the car manufacturer

- Strong rotating ring which doesn’t allow other tools to unscrew it

- Bolt’s body class resistance 10.9 and nut’s body class resistance 10

- Available for all cars

- Possibility to obtain a new key in case of lost