Set of 4 wheel trims 243G in 15" grey metallic+ins. DARKGREY

Product code 1-243/15 G + DARKGREY
Diameter of wheel 15"

The kit includes 4 grey covers already mached with the DARKGREY inserts and "Farad" logo.


The wheel trims FARAD are produced in Italy and they follow the quality specifics ISO 9001. After each processing step, the trims are controlled 100% so to obtain a high quality standard.




They are produced in 1st quality material, the M20 + PP, to achieve a strong product which resists the heat of the carbrakes and is also flexible in the event of a collision.




The wheel trims have a double layer of water paint, one shiny metallic grey, and a second transparent one, that apart from making the product shinier and more elegant, lets the paint have a better grip on the trim as required by the OEM specifics.


Adhesion on wheel:


The wheel trims are fixed to the wheels by a metal ring (zinc coated steel with a hardness of 40 HRC) and they are tested for compatibility with all the car wheels as required by the OEM specifics.



Attention: the wheel trims are only suitable for all vehicles with 15 inches wheels except for vans, trucks and off-road vehicles.