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Product code 1-B54 LOCKY 1CH.SCNER
Type Bolt
Thread M14 X 1,5
Covering White zinced
Model Locky

The design of Locky wheel lock makes the product very resistant to high levels of torque. This wheel lock is ideal for preventing theft of wheels with small lightweight open hole wheel nuts.

Locky wheel nut fits all original equipment and after-market wheel on all cars (European cars, Asian cars, American cars).


The combinations on the head of the wheel locks are protected by hexagonal stainless stell caps which make the wheel lock a bright and attractive addition to the wheel.


The kit includes 4 bolt or nut locks and 1 LOCKY key.


Locky’s strong points


- Infinite combinations

- The wheel lock key’s hexagon permits also the use of the key given by the car manufacturer

- Bolt’s body class resistance 10.9 and nut’s body class resistance 10

- Available for all cars

- Possibility to obtain a new key in case of lost